EUgoslavia does not have its Milosevic (yet)

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As the American newspaper Politico compared the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the crisis in the EU in its article Welcome to EUgoslavia published in its European edition, professor of southeast European studies at the University of Graz, Florian Biber, explained the differences between the two processes.

“First of all, the EU does not have its Milosevic (yet). Without such person or a party which uses nationalism and escalated relations, the EU is less likely to disintegrate”, Biber told B92.

The political climate in the EU is not very reassuring at a time when populists are increasingly strong, he said.

“Second, the EU is a voluntary organisation and all members may leave it at any time. Accordingly, such a possibility can hold the EU together – which is a paradox. Why to leave now, if you can do that later”, Biber added.

According to him, it seemed that even the republics that did not want to leave Yugoslavia, such as Bosnia and Macedonia, did not comprehend what was happening and felt that they had no choice. However, the situation in the EU is different, Biber said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro