European lawmakers congratulated Pajovic: it is a result of Positive Montenegro’s struggle

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The co-chairs of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts congratulated the President of Positive Montenegro (PCG), Darko Pajovic for his success of being appointed the Speaker of Parliament.

“This appointment represents not only personal Pajovic’s success, but also the result of difficult and sometimes very challenging results achieved by PCG”, they pointed out.

They added that this appointment made them happy, because they were glad “when a partner among the green parties managed to rise above traditional political divisions and take a chance to make the world better”.

“The Positive Montenegro sent a clear signal to countries in the region, including some facing serious political crises, that there are ample opportunities for political parties basing their policy on the principles of transparency, fight against corruption and organised crime, political stability and sustainable development”, Harms and Lamberts said.

They added that PCG would have much greater responsibility in overseeing the preparation for truly free and fair elections in October and that the political groups of the Greens in the European Parliament would continue to support PCG in the implementation of common political goals and values.

Pajovic also received congratulations for his appointment by a member of the Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (SAPC) between the EU and Montenegro and the Greens’ rapporteur for Montenegro Terry Reintke.

She pointed out she understood the challenges Pajovic faced in the past few months, but that he was currently in a position to make a difference for the Montenegrin society.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro