Evaluation of the constitutionality of the Law on NATO

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Fifteen deputies of the Democratic Front (DF) and the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) have launched proceedings to review the constitutionality of the Law on Ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty and the Protocol with the North Atlantic Treaty concerning the accession of Greece and Turkey.

Review of constitutionality was initiated by SNP deputies Srdjan Milic and Danijel Pavicevic, and DF’s Andrija Mandic, Milan Knezevic, Ljiljana Djuraškovic, Janko Vucinic, Predrag Bulatovic, Strahinja Bulajic, Slaven Radunovic, Milutin Djukanovic, Vera Bulatovic, Budimir Aleksic, Jovan Vucurovic, Marina Jocic and Milun Zogovic.

Deputies say that the adoption of the Law was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution, or that the procedures prescribed by the highest legal act in terms of the required majority for its adoption were not respected.

Thus, the submitters of the initiative believe that the Law, as they said, “from the standpoint of the highest legal act, must be considered unadopted and can not produce legal consequences”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro