Every second Montenegrin has a Facebook profile

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That citizens of Montenegro love to use social networks can be best seen from the new records of the renowned website “Internet world stats”, according to which 50 percent of the population has a Facebook account.

Out of total of 320.000 profiles, 55 percent of users are men, and 45 percent are women. At the end of October last year the number of users of this social network in our country was at around 280.000 accounts, so it has grown significanlty in past 11 months, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Out of the neighbouring countries, Facebook is least popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this country, this social network is used by 38.8 percent of the population. In Croatia, 45 percent of citizens have a Facebook account, in Albania it’s 46, and in Macedonia and Serbia it’s around 48 percent of population.

Overall in Europe, 615.000.000 people or 73.9 percent is using the internet, while 328.273.740 has a Facebook account on the continent.

According to data from this website, internet is Montenegro is used by 60.2 percent of citizens, or 388.057. What is also important for our country is the fact that IT literacy is improving every year.

However, compared to the countries of the regiom, Montenegro is next-to-last when it comes to percentage of the population that is using the internet. Ahead of us are Croatia where 75 percent of population uses the internet, Macedonia where almost 70 percent uses the internet, then Bosnia and Herzegovina (68.1 percent) and Serbia (66 percent). Worse than us is only Albania where approximately 60 percent of population is using the internet.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro