Everyone talks about Jaguar, but Montenegro as well: Beautiful country, a must visit!

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Launching of Jaguar F-Pace in Montenegro is already giving results. Journalists speaking only in superlatives.

Jeremy Korzeniewski is a reporter for popular automotive website Autoblog, which is followed by 9 million people per month. He tested the first SUV in history of Jaguar and along the way gave opinions on our country as well. He said that until he came here he didn’t know absoolutely anything, except what he read on Wikipedia, but added that it comes nowhere near the real life impression of the Mediterranean. Korzeniewski stayed on Sveti Stefan which he finds thrilling and recommends his readers that they must visit Montenegro as soon as they can. He even liked the roads, even the continental ones which are usually not in best of shapes.

On the videos he posted on his website we can see route from Grahovo to Niksic, as well as sceneries of Piva lake and Ivanova korita.

“Montenegro is a great place to enjoy the vehicle such as Jaguar F-Pace which offers great dynamics of driving on various surfaces.”, he wrote. he also emphasized that we’re not easy to reach. He didn’t like access to Podgorica and Tivat airports, as well as the fact that there is no highway. But the message he sent out to millions of vieweres around the world is very clear – Montenegro is a beautiful country and touristic destination!

Autoblog is owned by media mogul, company AoL, which ownes companies such as Time Warner – which also owns Warner Bros. and HBO.

A reportage on Montenegro can be seen here.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro