EXEMPLARY: German Ambassador took a train to Kolasin!

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Instead of a luxury car, the kind we are used to seeing our politicians and diplomats in, Ambassador of Germany, Gudrun Steinacker, recently took a train from Podgorica to Kolasin, like any “ordinary” citizen!

“It is true that I traveled by train to Kolasin, mainly out of curiosity. I must admit that the landscape through the Moraca canyon is even more spectacular when you are in a train”, Mrs. Steinacker said for CdM news portal.

However, not everything is picture-perfect when you board a train in Montenegro.

“The trains should be cleaner. You should also pay attention to the smoking ban”, said the Ambassadress.

She admitted she has always been an avid fan of rail transport, which she prefers to road and air travel, whenever time allows it.

“On the train, I have plenty of time to read books. In this way, I was able to read the works of great writers”, she said.

When in Podgorica, where her office is located, ambassadress takes her bicycle to get to work. CdM asked her whether her style of train and bike rides should be recommended to local public figures.

“Earlier in Bonn and in Berlin today, many associates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and even state secretaries, come to woek by bicycle”, she concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro