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Leading members of the Social Democrats of Montenegro continued with the consistent policy, while growing citizen support was expected as local elections in Tivat proved, said Vice President of this party, Vujica Lazovic.

The Social Democrats inform, that today he met the delegation of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, led by Jan Marinus Wiersma, vice president of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity.

“The focus of the meeting was exchange of opinions with the aim of realistic assessment of the state of social democracy in Montenegro, and the extent of the impact and the role social democratic parties have in the advancement of society. During the meeting they exchanged views on the current socio-political situation in Montenegro, the changes in national leadership, as well as the influence of the Social Democrats in preserving the stability of the government, ” the statement said.
Lazovic, it said, presented the work of the Social Democrats, pointing out that leading members of the party continued with consistent policy and that the popularity and growing confidence of citizens in the SD was expected, as the latest local elections confirmed.

“What all the leading social democratic parties have in common and what attracts voters are consistent policies and the real successes, as well as realized promises.” he said.

Lazovic believes that Montenegrin progress in comparison to the countries in the region could be linked to the commitment and dedicated work in the integration process.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro