Failure to accept reality: Another wild shot from DF

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Representatives of Democratic Front DF and a number of independent representatives have sent a letter to representatives in Hungarian Parliament, asking them to vote no during the discussion on ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATO.

They have sent the same letter to Slovenian Parliament a few days ago, before the Protocol was ratified. The letter was signed by Parliament’s Vice President Branko Radulović and representatives Andrija Mandić, Nebojša Medojević, Milan Knežević, Ljiljana Đurašković, Branka Bošnjak, Predrag Bulatović, Strahinja Bulajić, Slaven Radunović, Koča Pavlović, Vladislav Bojović, Emilo Labudović, Veljko Vasiljević, Milutin Đukanović, Janko Vučinić, Budimir Aleksić, Obrad Gojković, Novica Stanić and Mladen Bojanić.

DPS representatives Zoran Jelić said that this initiative speaks enough about DF representatives.

“They wish to stop the processes that are already well under way in Montenegro and NATO. It speaks to their inability to accept the reality of Montenegro becoming NATO member. They also have problem with EU integration”, Jelić said.

He said that DF has tried to put a bad name to the Government, state projects of Montenegro, and that this is not the first time they have been sending letters to different addresses.

“Their actions will fail. Iceland and Slovenia have already ratified the Protocol, and other members will soon follow. Representatives of these parliaments can only laugh at them”, Jelić said.

“We were witness to have far they can come – chairs of low-level administrations. They had no audience at any official, significant address. Our Prime Minister Milo Đukanović is welcome throughout Europe, and we have quality bilateral cooperation with countries in NATO and EU. On the other hand, DF representatives can not move far from airports, let alone discuss Montenegrin politics at important addresses”, Jelić concluded.

Destined to fail

SD representative Damir Šehović said that Montenegrin membership in NATO is all but certain, and can not be stopped by DF’s initiative.

“This is why this initiative, as all others that came before it, is destined to fail. I am sorry that DF is determined to stop Montenegro from pursuing its vital state and national interests, which NATO integration certainly is”, Šehović said.

He thinks it would be more useful for DF to leave this business alone, and get accustomed to independency and EU ways.

“Then, the whole of Montenegrin society, could face next state goal. We call it Partnership for strong economic development, and all our citizens will benefit from it”, Šehović concluded.

Abazović: Political cascaders

Representative of GP URA Dritan Abazović said that DF is within their rights to send initiatives.

“One group of representatives wants Montenegro in NATO, the other does not”, Abazović said. He said that they have a right to fight for their idea in any way they see fit.

“They should realize that this sort of political behavior brings only damage”, Abazović said. He believes parliaments of NATO members will ratify the Protocol sooner than they usually do.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro