Family support invaluable for soldiers

Lieutenant Edin Pervan went to Afghanistan as a member of the 10th contingent of the Army of Montenegro in the ISAF mission in early September last year, but after four months of engagement become part of the first contingent as the part of the new international mission in the country – “Resolute Support”. He performed his tasks at the headquarters of the North Regional Command, stressing that family support to our soldiers in Afghanistan is invaluable.

Training in Montenegro, Croatia, Poland

As Pervan said for the Portal RTCG, training for participation in the mission is very demanding and includes military-technical, physical and psychological, security, medical and other preparations.
“One part is realized in the Training Center of the Army of Montenegro in Danilovgrad, and the other in training centers abroad,” he said, noting that very important knowledge was gained in the NATO training center of the joint structure in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz.

“It was an opportunity to gather new members of staff, before deployment and train together for the duties to be performed during the engagement. Given that it is a multinational headquarters which consist of members of the armed forces from 18 countries, soldiers learn and build collective and team spirit there, which is very important during an assignment,” explained Pervan for our Portal.

The lieutenant said that his colleagues from the infantry units of the Army of Montenegro, that were engaged in protecting Allied teams that train and advise the Afghan security forces, in addition to training in Montenegro, had a two-month intensive training with members of the Croatian Armed Forces, with whom they were engaged in assignments.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro