Fast food looked into by the inspection: Bacteria in salads, rice and pasta

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During the last two months, inspectors have found bacteria in salads, rice, pasta and cooked vegetables that were sold on promenades of coastal cities, they stated from Directive for Inspection Business to Pobjeda.

They did not precisely say in which objects were the irregularities found, but they did say that the bacteria was not pathogenic.

They found an increased number of enterobacteria, that can be found in the digestive systems of humans or animals. They get introduced by preparing or storing food without respect for hygienic regulations.

“During the last months, inspectors have taken samples from products and food from different objects, based on research and customer complaints”, they said in UIP.

Inspectors said that from 180 samples taken from groceries, 32 did not match parameters of health safety. They also took 182 smear samples, from which 58 were irregular.

“In all the cases, measures were taken to prevent further irregularities”, they said.

They also requested sanitation and disinfection of places where bacteria were found.

They reminded that during summer months there is increased control of sanitation and veterinary inspectors, especially in objects were easily spoiled food is sold.


“Production and sale of ice cream, hospitality facilities which sell ice cream, soft serve machines, fast food objects, markets, super markets, they all get checked”, they said.

They underlined that those who sell the food must be responsible for its safety and take necessary precautions to ensure it.

“There needs to be good hygienic practice, cleaning and disinfection, control of temperature, clean utilities, etc”, they said in UIP.

Those who come into contact with food must have regular sanitary IDs.

“It is necessary that those who work with food must be prepared for the job. They must control the groceries and clean the working spaces”, they said.

Inspectors had customer reports, but they were mostly unfounded.

“Where there were irregularities, measures were taken in accordance with the law”, they said.

Director of Center for Protection of Customer Rights Olga Nikčević said for Pobjeda that they did not have reports of food irregularities in the past months.

“Although there were no reports, I believe that situation in the field is not ideal”, Nikčević said.

She said that it is good that there are no reports, but inspections must be more often during summer months, because food gets spoiled easily and there can be poisonings.

“All the food must be stored in proper conditions, and it is my belief that meat, fruit and dairy is not stored according to regulations”, Nikčević said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro