Fight in SNP over parliament seats?

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At last night’s meeting of the Central Committee of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), when the party’s candidates list was defined, there was a physical conflict between two committee members. It was the reason for a short break, Dnevne Novine newspaper reports.

As DN unofficially learns, Slobodan Cavor, president of the Cetinje SNP committee assaulted a member from SNP Herceg Novi Savo Palikuca, who accused the party president Srdjan Milic for the defeat at local elections in Herceg Novi. According to version of some central committee members, Cavor did not agree with Palikuca, so they had an argument which caused the incident. After the incident, Cavor was asked to leave the meeting and the meeting was continued after a short break. According to another version, the conflict occurred after the members were informed that one o Montenegrin news portals already published the candidates list, which fuelled the anxiety further.

According to DN unofficial information, former MP Snezana Jonica is not at the candidates list. Although she said that she would leave the party when the coalition agreement with URA and Demos is signed, she still has not done that. As DN learns, Jonica did not attend the committee meeting yesterday, but informed the president Srdjan Milic in a letter about her absence. The meeting was not attended by the party’s vice president Vlado Samardzic, which is also not on the list of candidates. DN earlier reported that Samardzic had a verbal confrontation with Milic at the session of the SNP president collegium.

As expected, Milic is the first candidate listed, whereas, according to DN information, Aleksandar Damjanovic is the second candidate. Vice president Veselin Bakic is the third on the list, whereas vice president Danijela Pavicevic is the fourth. Spasoje Kovacevic is the fifth candidate. Among the top ten are Dragutin Raicevic (6), Dragoslav Scekic (7), Dragan Ivanovic (8), Danijela Djurovic (9) and Natasa Vukovic (10).

According to the coalition agreement, among the top 21 candidates for MPs, nine positions belong to Demos, seven to SNP and five to URA.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro