Fighting over seats provided by the Positive party

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The division of portfolios in the government and other institutions will not be an easy task for the opposition. The very opening of this topic resulted in attempts to eliminate certain opposition parties from the contest. Ranko Krivokapic’s Social Democratic Party (SDP), Miodrag Lekic’s Demos and Zarko Rakčević’s URA appear to be trying to take the lead over the remainder of the opposition, disregarding the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) and, above all, Darko Pajović’s Positive Montenegro party, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

SNP has apparently decided to be part of the Government and as the strongest among the five opposition parties at the negotiating table, has high expectations. The Positive Party “goes without saying” because it was exactly their Plan which was proposed to the government of Milo Djukanovic, in which they requested that four ministries be given to the opposition. It is understood that their actions and opened the door of the Government for the entire opposition.

Dnevne Novine’s source from Positive Montenegro said their participation in the government is in no way open for discussion.

“Positive party started out with the mission of a fair electoral process. We didn’t fight for seats then, and we will surely not do it now, although, it seems, many within the opposition ranks are ready to do just that. We wish to see our Plan realized, because it is good for Montenegro, for citizens and for democracy”, said the senior official of the party who wished to remain anonymous.

“There wouldn’t be an Agreement, if it weren’t for Positive Montenegro, and that is why our participation in the government is certain”, the same source told DN.

This means the Deputy Prime Minister, regardless of the wishes of Ranko Krivokapic (SDP), can come solely from two parties – SNP or Positive Montenegro.

According to some estimates, dozens of SDP officials are still holding important functions in Montenegro, remaining there as part of the coalition which no longer exists. Its very leader, Ranko Krivokapic, remains President of the Assembly although he did not support the government, and despite the fact that this position belongs to the ruling parties. Unlike SDP, Positive Montenegro’s involvement in the government accounts for zero percent. Yet, they are disregarded as non-opposition, because they voted for confidence in the Government of Milo Djukanovic.

However, the signing of the Agreement is now certain, and once opposition takes its ministerial posts, this term will no longer exist. If they are holding seats in the government, they are in power, and no longer its “opposition”. This entails responsibility for all that happens in their country, during their mandates. Al least that much should be clear to everyone.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro