Final decision by mid-August

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Civic Movement URA, Demos and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) will decide no later than mid-August at the highest party bodies what will be their “response to the violation of the Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections.”

The situation created after the “now already flagrant violations of the Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections by the Democratic Party of Socialists” was analyzed at today’s consultations of the leaderships of the three opposition parties which participate in the government of electoral trust.

“All three subjects with recognize with the harmonized approach that the new situation demands an appropriate response, primarily motivated by the principles of respect for the rule of law, protection of national interest, as well as the most important economic resources of Montenegro,” said a joint statement of URA, Demos and the SDP.

The final decision, as stated, will be taken at the highest bodies of the party as provided by their statutes, according to the established dynamics, no later than mid-August.

“It was agreed at the meeting that consultations and mutual informing with the ministers and inspectors at the municipal and state levels should be approached immediatelly, with the aim of ensuring fully democratic decision,” the statement said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro