Finalization of lex specialis begins today

#AgreementOnFreeAndFairElections #LexSpecialis


Working group made of legal experts from the government and some of the opposition parties will start with finalization of the special and temporary law lex specialis today, which will be valid until the parliamentary elections end, it was said to Dnevne newspaper by several sources.

Working group consists of legal experts from the Government, URA, Demos, Socialdemocratic party, Pozitivna Montenegro and Socialistic people’s party and their task is to prepare lex specialis for the next meeting of the Parliament of Montenegro, which will define control by both sides of the operation of almost all public institutions and public companies.

Lex specialis will regulate invovlvement of the opposition in the Government and public institutions and public companies, control of these institutions during the election, their authorizations and moduls of decision making.

The goal is to prevent potential abuse of public funds, party employment or pressure on employees in public companies during the process of elections.

It is expected that this law will be finalized soon, in order for the Agreement to be signed by the Government and a pert of the opposition about the government of electional confidence.

The agreement represents a starting point for making lex specialis for which the working group, as Dnevne newspaper report, will go article by article in order to come to mutually agreed upon document which would be then sent to the parliament for adoption.

Adoption of lex specialis is a condition for signing the Agreement, and that should happen by the beginning of the next week the latest, it was suggested by the prime minister Milo Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro