Find out: Are there more voters than in 2012, how many new ones are there, how many voters have been removed from the electoral roll…

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According to the electoral roll CDM had access to, 528,817 Montenegrins have the right to vote in the elections on 16 October. Compared to the previous elections, when 511,405 people voted, there are by 17,412 more voters.

There are 38,201 new voters. The most of them are registered in Podgorica and the fewest in Savnik.

As many as 22.616 voters have been deleted from the electoral register.

When it comes to name change, 11,291 voters changed their name or surname. Almost third of them, ie 3,466, are registered in Podgorica.

Personal identification number is changed for 92 persons.

The government decide yesterday that interior ministry secretary Dragan Pejanovic to verify the electoral roll by his signature, because interior minister Goran Danilovic refused to do that.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro