Fines for deputies up to 50% of salary

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The Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, with new amendments adopted at parliamentary session on Thursday, foresee rigorous penalties for misconduct by delegates, ranging up to 50 percent of their earnings.

Deputy of the Democratic Party of Socialists and one of the proposers of amendments, Jovanka Lalicic, told MinaAgency that the amended Rules will apply from the next session of the Assembly.

“The reason for making this decision is, unfortunately, inadequate behavior of deputies in the lobby and in the hall of the Assembly lately, and it turned out that the existing provisions in the Rules of Procedure did not cover all possible situations that occurred in practice,” explained Lalicic.

Therefore, she said, amendments were necessary in order to maintenance the order at sessions of the Assembly and working bodies.

“And not only to maintain order in the Assembly hall, but also in the chambers and all other premises in the Parliament building,” Lalicic pointed out.

According to her, in addition to the warnings, the Rules envisage the measure of excluding, as well as fines which, depending on the situation, range from ten to 50 percent of the salary.

A deputy who is denied the right to speak will be punished with fine amounting to 40 percent of the MP’s salary.

A maximum fine of 50 percent of the salary will be imposed to deputy who is excluded from the session.

“The disciplinary measures are rigorous, all possible situations are covered and we hope that this will have stimulative effect on the behavior of the deputies,” Lalicic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro