Fires in south and central Montenegro

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During the past night the firefighters worked on more fires in the coastal and central region of Montenegro, the Directorate for Emergency Situations said. They say that fires are active in the southern and central parts of the country.

In the coastal region, in the area of Bar municipality, wildfire is active at Golo brdo in Sutomore. Two firefighter patrols are engaged.

“The fire is localized, there is no danger to the housing or the population. A fire has been reported in Pastrovici. One patrol is deployed to the scene.” said the Directorate for Emergency Situations.

In Ulcinj and Budva there are no active fires, but two vehicles are sent to Lustica.

There is a fire in Bigova in the Kotor municipality.

“The fire is close to the houses. The firefighters are currently trying to save the houses. But strong winds make it difficult to extinguish it. In Tivat, there are fires at Begovici and Ponta Veslo. All campers/tourists from Ponta Veslo were evacuated with the help of the Navy of Montenegro, Navy Unit from Budva and Maritime Safety Authority. About 100 people were evacuated,” says the Directorate.

There are no active wildfires in Herceg Novi, but all available patrols are in Lustica.

In the central region, there are two more fires in Podgorica, in Ponari (Vukovci) and in Rakica Kuce, where a warehouse burned and a great material damage was caused.

“There are also seven, eight smaller fires on the territory of the capital that should be under control soon. There are active fires in Cetinje, on Tresnjev, Velestovo and Lastva. In Tresnjev a house has burnt out. The strong wind accelerates the spread of fire towards houses,” said the Directorate.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro