First analyses of the murder in Kotor: Shrapnel hit young men in the chest and abdomen

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Goran Biskupovic (28) and Milos Bosnjak (25) from Kotor were buried yesterday. The first results of the autopsy of their bodies indicate that they were killed by a large number of wounds incurred by fragments of explosive device, Dnevne Novine carried.

Although the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, which ordered an autopsy, has not received the autopsy report yet, the preliminary results showed that injuries to the chest and abdomen were fatal for Biskupovic and Bosniak.

Due to the urgency of the investigation, investigators firstly received opinion of the expert from the Forensic Centre in Danilovgrad, said the source close to the investigation.

“This was probably an improvised explosive device containing plastic explosive and large shrapnel. The explosion is activated from a distance”, the DN’s source confirmed.

Elements of organised crime

The preliminary investigation of the double murder with elements of organised crime is managed by High State Prosecutor’s Office. The Special State Prosecutor’s Office has also been involved in the complex investigative actions from the first moment, as well as members of the Special Police Division who work on this case together with colleagues in the field.

For the time being, intelligence collection, a series of interviews, questioning, searching, collecting video recordings and other investigative activities are ongoing.

However, the police and prosecutors have not yet been able to trace the perpetrators of the murder, or logistics or their organisers, although it is suspected that the motive was the earlier conflict between feuding criminal groups in Kotor. Biskupovic and Bosnjak were suspected to be close to the so-called Skaljari clan. Biskupovic was previously held responsible for setting cars on fire. He was also arrested because of arson in the Maximus discotheque.

Brother of late Vlahovic also questioned

Members of the so-called Kavaci clan, a group which is in conflict with the Skaljari clan, were the first target of police searches, checking alibis and movement.

Dnevne Novine newspaper learns that Sinisa Vlahovic, brother of late Srdjan Vlahovic who was executed by firing from automatic weapons on 9 April while he was selling cigarettes in Dobrota near Kotor, was among those questioned.

In addition to him, Vladimir Bozovic, Vojin Stupar, brothers Djurisic and others were also questioned.

Kavaci gang leaders Slobodan Kascelan and Radoje Zvicer have not been available to the police. According to police information, they are not in Kotor.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro