First local elections then presidential candidates

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Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) spokesman Andrija Nikolic said he expects party bodies to announce the name of the candidate for the presidental election that will be held on April 15th after the local elections in Berane and Ulcinj scheduled for February 4th. DPS will, as he says, do everything to make their candidate winner in the first round.

Speaking of the possibility that DPS leader Milo Djukanovic be a presidential candidate, Nikolic said in an interview with the RTCG Portal that at this stage of socio-political emancipation it would be too big luxury to give up the experience and knowledge of a statesmen, such as of the former prime minister.

Commenting on the allegations that the presidential candidate might be Milica Pejanovic Djurisic, Nikolic said that the integrity and respect enjoyed by the former defense ministry in the country and abroad are recommended her for the highest state functions.

He also believes that the opposition would most likely “sleep over” the presidential election, aware, as he said, “that they have nothing to look for.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro