First of May walk in Podgorica: Around hundred workers protested due to work conditions

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Union of Free Syndicats of Montenegro organized today in Podgorica a protest walk on International Day of Labor, due to bad work conditions and dissatisfaction with social and economic status of workers in Montenegro. Todays walk marks the beginning of campaign “Safe Labor for Safe Life”, dedicated to matters of security and protection at work.

About a hundred workers walked today from the Square of Republic to building of Vektra, where there are a lot of Montenegrin ministries.

Secretary General of Union of Free Syndicats Srđa Keković said that this walk is a protest caused by bad social and economic status of workers in Montenegro.

„There are many matters that are a problem for the workers. One of them is protection at work. Statistics show that in Europe over 3500 workers lose their life at work, and over 11 thousand gets ill during the year“, Keković said to Anadolija.

When it comes to Montenegro, he said “we are witness to the fact that overtime work is a rule, not an exception“.

„We see that many of our colleagues miss weekly and yearly vacations and free days on holidays. Who know anything about professional protection at work knows that a tired worker will make a mistake, and maybe bring danger to himself and others. It is due time to point at those problems and seek solutions“, Keković said.

He invited Montenegro’s Government to make inspections and see how many business respect risk assessment estimates at work.

Health worker Puniša Milić said that health system workers face many problems that affect health and normal life.

„Most risks are faced by works in the zones of ionizing radiation, in infectious clinics for example“, Milić said.

The walk was secured by police, and protest passed without incidents.

PHOTO: Anadolija

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro