First the invitation, then the position of SNP

Options on the activities of the opposition after the failure of the formation of a transitional government were just placed through the media, and the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has not received any official invitation in order to make a statement, said the leader of the party Srdjan Milic.

After today’s meeting with the President of Parliament of Sweden Urban Ahlin, he told reporters that the opposition initiatives that are being launched in the media look like a Swedish buffet.

Asked how the SNP will act in the wake of proposals from the opposition structures on the formation of the shadow government, the organization of protests and parliamentary walkouts, Milic said that his party will not commit to any option before receiving an official invitation.

“Nobody contacted us about any initiative, unless there was something in the last hour during the talks with a delegation from the Swedish Parliament”, he said.

Milic is not thinking about the options which, he said, are placed in the media. He said that thay “have several offers on the table”, but that they still don’t know from whom the offers came.

“Looks like we have a Swedish buffet. Suddenly we have three initiative for some of us in the opposition to decide whether we shall enter the protest, boycott the parliament or have the shadow government”, he explained.

Asked whether he was contacted by the leader of the Democratic Front (DF), he replied in the negative. “No. Before we enter into discussion on who is the leader, I immediately said no”.

Asked to respond to accusations of political opponents the he “cooperates, or trades with the Democratic Party of Socialists”, Milic said that the accusations are frivolous.

“Frivolous, irresponsible, inappropriate charges of idle and incompetent politicians who do not have any stronger goal than to attempt to weaken the SNP, but apparently they are not succesful”, he said.

Milic said that he discussed the cooperation between the two countries with the representative of the Parliament of Sweden, with special focus on issues related to the last report of the European Commission on Montenegro.

According to Milic, he and Ahlin also discussed proposing the law of multiple citizenship for Montenegro and the former Yugoslav states.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro