First the rule of law, then EU

For more effective asylum procedure the European Commission has put countries of the Western Balkans on the list of “safe countries”. Those countries would lose any prospect of eventual membership in the EU if they were removed from the list because it would mean that human rights and laws are not respected in them, the President of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker said in Strasbourg.

In his presentation on “The State of the European Union” at the European Parliament, Junker said that the European Commission today proposed EU member states to adopt a unique list of “safe countries”, including the Western Balkans, which will allow member states to carry out expedited procedures for asylum in an effort to resolve big refugee crisis in Europe.

Junker presented that “criteria for this must apply to all countries for which it is the basis for membership when it comes to respect for human rights and rule of law, and it also applies to the candidate countries for EU membership on Western Balkans”.

Juncker explained that “this is not just a simplification of the procedure for granting asylum” and that “in no case he questions the fundamental right to asylum for persons who come from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro