Five jeeps, three apartments and a plot seized from Mujović

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In order to check whether the assets were acquired legally, investigators temporarily confiscated five jeeps, three apartments and a plot of land in Podgorica in May, from the controversial local businessman, Veselin Mujović and his family.

Mr. Mujovic’s attorney, Miloš Vuksanović, appealed on the decision of the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office to seize these assets, but his motion was refused and Mujović is now prohibited of using these assets.

Mujović was arrested on February 17 on suspicion that he took 890.000 euros from the former official of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Svetozar Marovic, to help him in prosecutors’ investigations being conducted against him. Investigators are also reviewing the circumstances under which he allegedly took another 20.000 euros from the father of Lazar Radjenovic, former Mayor of Budva, to help his son, who was detained on suspicion that he damaged the municipal budget of Budva in five affairs. The defendant is also suspected of trying to take money from a former manager of the municipality Budva, Aleksandar Ticic, from whom he sought 100,000 euros in order to “influence the Prosecution to delete him from the indictment in the Košljun case”, but he refused.

In the meantime, the Basic Court is investigating the complaints of Veselin Mujović and his son Drazen, that they have been subject to serious threats over the last few months. Mr. Mujović filed a criminal complaint against a fellow detainee, Branislav Ivanovic, who is allegedly –and ironically -trying to extort money from him. The remand prison previously unofficially told CdM that there was no verbal or physical confrontation between the two detainees, and that they reported two different stories to the ZIKS management. Mujović claims that Ivanovic is asking for money which is not his, while Ivanović says his “old friend” owes him 30.000 euros, which he plans to charge him through court.

Basic Prosecutor’s office also opened a case based on Mujovic’s claims that the family of Svetozar Marovic planned assassination of one of the witnesses in his cases, and that Budva scandals damaged the municipality on a scale much larger than currently known to the Prosecution.

Mujović also claims he never asked Radjenovic and Ticic for money.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro