Five years of prison for judges from Cetinje

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Former judge of the Basic Court of Cetinje Nebojsa Markovic was sentenced to three years in prison, and his former supervisor and president of the court Goran Vrbica to two years in prison.

They were sentenced for abuse of office as they, from 26 March to 2 April 2007, obtained the benefit for the company “Framec” in the amount of 800,000 Euros, thus damaging the state budget, writes the CdM.

It was announced that by joint actions, unlawful use of official position and failing to perform their official duties, they committed the criminal offense of abuse of office.

“Adopting the Decision which was contrary to the provisions of the Law on non-Contentious Proceedings, and then unlawfully paying money intended for safekeeping in the Court deposit, they enabled legal entity ‘Framec’ SPA Italy, which was not party to the proceedings, to obtain gain, at the expense of the budget of Montenegro, in the amount of 800 thousand Euros,” reads the indictment.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro