Flights from Gatwick launched, British journalists were the first to arrive in Tivat

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British low cost airline EasyJet has introduced a new flight from Gatwick (London) to Tivat today. There will be two flights a week (every Monday and Thursday) on this route over the summer months.

EasyJet expects to transport over 19,000 passengers on the London-Tivat-London route.

On the occasion of introducing the EasyJet flights, the Airports of Montenegro organised a reception. Representatives of the most important British media arrived by the first plane on this route.

Thus representatives of Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Sunday Post, Daily Express, The Sun and the Manchester Evening News are staying in Montenegro. In the coming days, they will have the opportunity to learn about the tourism potentials of Montenegro.

As announced, in addition to the coast, a tour across the northern regions is also planned. The journalists will have a chance to try rafting in the canyon of the Tara river.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro