Food in Montenegro is safe, it passes through strict controls

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Food in Montenegro is safe, both imported and exported, said director of Directorate for inspection Božidar Vuksanović.

He said that inspectors fight grey economy every day, and their first task is to oversee sectors where grey economy is the most prevalent, such as employment and payments, overtime and holiday work.

How many inspections were there during the season and what was the result?

The significance of the Directorate was recognized by citizens and tourists alike, and at some point we had 200 reports a day to our call center. From May 1st to September 1st, 100 inspectors performed 18.314 inspections in coastal cities Ulcinj, Bar, Budva, Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi and mountain centers Kolašin and Žabljak. They found 9.962 irregularities, issued 3.761 warnings and 7.476 misdemeanor orders with fines in the amount of 2.528.234 EUR. Inspectors started 98 misdemeanor processes and had 3 crime reports. 71 warrants to close were given, and 52 facilities were removed.

What are the benefits of increased control?

Stricter controls in the season improve legal employment, taxation. It all influences overall quality of our offer in the tourist season. Rafting was also improved, because last year no one had permits, while this year they had to gather necessary documents.

Is food on our market safe and is the control of imported and exported food strict enough?

Food in Montenegro is safe, both imported and exported. All food is strictly controlled, visually, legally, in the lab. Inspectors were taking samples from all high risk foods such as icecreams, cakes, salads, fast food. Analysis showed enterobacteria due to bad hygiene, but there were no pathogens. There were no food poisonings.

Is grey economy very prevalent in Montenegro still? Where does it thrive?

Our priority is to control facilities that work in grey area, because the risks are higher. Most often, workers and their rights and obligations are not defined in accordance to the law. Irregularities are hiring foreigners who have no work permits, being late with payments.

What are the results of control in space safety and facility construction?

We had more warrants to close and remove facilities this year. We controlled construction on the coast. Based on irregularities found, 137 warrants to remove, 34 warrants to tear down and 73 warrants to close were made. Our presence contributed to 86 cases where necessary permits were gathered after all.

What about illegal renting of accommodation? Is this regulated by inspection?

When it comes to tourism, grey economy is the most prevalent in private accommodation. Inspectors had 352 controls this season and found 127 irregularities, issuing cease and desist in 35 cases and 86 misdemeanors with fines in the amount of 11.000 EUR.

Are you pleased with illegal trade in public places or illegal trade of skills online?

Trade online is impossible to deal with until legislation is changed. We are facing a problem of people working from houses. They are hairdressers, seamstresses, auto mechanics, etc. Also, accommodation in tourism is being sold online. Inspectors wish to prevent this, but it is an issue of knowing where to look. Risk assessment places Bar, Berane, Rožaje, Pljevlja, Podgorica, Nikšić and Budva as those with most developed grey economy. .

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro