For capital, but peaceful changes

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Grand coalition the Key is a serious alternative to government that is open for cooperation with all democratic parties in the opposition but also with minority parties, the head of the alliance list, Miodrag Lekic said.

At the press conference Lekic said that during the campaign they expressed their view of the situation in the country, which, as he assessed, they consider the bleak and in the crisis.

“The key is a serious alternative to government. We are ready for serious reform. It is up to citizens to make assessment and we respect their will,” Lekic said.

He added that the Key is in favour of capital changes in the country but in the conditions of stability.

“There is no revolution. There is no chaos. We are open to all democratic forces in the opposition but also minority to parties. We expect a fruitful dialogue, ” Lekic said.

Ura Party Lider, Zarko Rakčević said citizens should not be afraid of 16 or 17 October.

“Nothing horrible will happen in the country regerdles the intention of police director who wants to intimidate the citizens with unrest. There will not be any turmoil ,” Rakčević said.

He appealed to citizens not to vote, as he said, under pressure and manipulation, “but to choose the one they trully trust.”

“Montenegro needs change. The only treath is the bad government, “Rakčević said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro