Foreigners in Danilovic’s team too

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Member of the so-called “coordination team” Ana Selic which was created by the minister of internal affairs of Montenegro Goran Danilovic for preparation of the free and fair elections, doesn’t have Montenegrin citizenship, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by a reliable source. According to Montenegrin legislation all employees in public administration must have Montenegrin citizenship, and in minister’s “team” even foreigners have access to personal information of Montenegrin citizens and participate in deciding which citizen of Montenegro can and which cannot vote on the elections.

Dnevne newspaper report that is an additional proof that by forming this “body” Danilovic has made a big mistake, and as it started operating, it has made a series of new ones.

It is time for the so-called “coordination team” to be dispatched, and for minister to start doing some serious work regarding the reliability of voter’s registration lists, which is expected of him.

Anyway, by creating a parliament Board for following the application of laws and regulations in order to build the trust of the citizens in the election process, the need for operation of the so-called coordination team formed by minister Danilovic has ceased to exist, it was written by Dnevne newspaper.

If until now only legal aspect of forming the minister’s team has been questioned, now it should be also pointed out how wrong it is from institutional aspect because it leads to breaking the basic constitutional principle of separation of the power to legal, executive and judicial.

Insisting of the so-called “coordination team” on illegal access to personal information of citizens and oppression of the employees of the ministry who refuse to break the law by following minister’s orders, are just a small piece of the coordinated political acrobatics of the minister Danilovic and his “body” in order to “cleanse” the voters list.

“If the goal of the minister’s so-called “coordination team” was to hurt DPS, and not to engage in serious and responsible work, then it’s better for this group to be dispatched at once. They’ve already caused enough damage”, it was concluded by Dnevne newspaper.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro