Former representatives on the incident: DF moved their primitive street behaviour to the Parliament

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The rude behaviour demonstrated by Democratic Front in the Parliament was not done by an opposition to the Government, but an opposition to the state of Montenegro, said former representative and professor Novak Kilibarda to Pobjeda.

He commented on the recent incident in the Parliament, when the representatives of DF had a fierce verbal conflict with the Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, that almost turned to a physical attack. He said that it is clear that DF has no respect for the state.

“They do not respect key symbols of Montenegro – the flag, the hymn, the language, the Church. Their impertinence the citizens should see as a fight against Montenegrin way to the West and EU”, Kilibarda said.

He said that the incident itself is not what is dangerous for Montenegro, but the dangerous forces that stand behind such behaviour.

“Montenegrins can judge for themselves what forces are those, and they know what Montenegro had faced in the past due to those forces. I want to underline the fact that the representatives of minorities in the Parliament, Bosnians, Muslims, Albanians and Croatians, have been acting respectfully and with dignity. This is an important element of an European Montenegro”, he said.

DF lost

Former representative and lawyer Dragan Šoć said that the Parliament was preserving a certain level of political culture in their communication, that made Montenegro recognized outside its borders, so he was surprised to see the Friday’s incident happen.

“Citizens are not fond of public demonstrations of rudeness. It is not a part of our mentality. I wish we heard an apology, but I do not think it is coming. Neither side has any intention of doing it. Representative must send a different message, one of educated and cultured style”, he said.

Šoć thinks that neither side behaved appropriately in the incident.

“I take offense with the people who had done it. Prime Minister’s reaction was also inappropriate, however understandable. Although he was provoked, he could have refrained from such a reaction”, Šoć said.

Representatives of DF were clearly organized, but he believes that they should not have taken into the Parliament their words from the street gatherings.

“Politically, DF did not gain anything, I think they have actually lost some credit. If their goal was to make their voters more convinced, that is certain, but if their goal was to spread their influence and gain more voters, than I do not think they have succeed”, he said.

The key matter in this story is whether Krivokapić will succeed in bringing DPS back into the Parliament, and make DF respect standards of communication, thus successfully ending the mandate of the Parliament and the Government.

No true opposition

Political analyst from Belgrade Dušan Janjić said for Pobjeda that what we saw in the Parliament broke the illusion of the possibility that the opposition could confront Đukanović – they will never unite.

“Behaviour of DF speaks of weakness, not strength, and it is an elaborate provocation, which is behaviour that does not suit an opposition of European parliament. I believe what happened does not work for any other opposition party either, and it opens the question of whether some people need to pass psychological tests before entering politics. Also, there is a question of formation in which the opposition will join elections. DF puts things simply – it is all the fault of Đukanović. Đukanović can do a lot of things in Montenegro, make the right moves, and he can also be wrong, but what he can not do is create an opposition”, Janjić said.

As far as Krivokapić goes, he does not believe that this incident works in his favor politically.

“At the beginning, it could have worked for him, but later we saw that he is not capable of controlling the events in the Parliament. Finally, no one has any benefit from this type of behaviour”, Janjić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro