Former US officials to Obama: Montenegro should join NATO as soon as possible

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A group of former senior US officials sent an open letter to US President Barack Obama and the Congress, urging them to ratify the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO as soon as possible, ideally until the end of the year.

The letter that has been signed, among others, by former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, former Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, former commanders of NATO in Europe, generals Philip Breedlove, James Jones and James Stavridis and the former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, says that Montenegro, as the 29th member of the alliance, was ready to fulfil the obligations arising from the membership and to contribute to Euro-Atlantic security.

As they say, Montenegro has made a significant progress in resolving internal issues related to the rule of law, corruption, organised crime and security sector reform. Also, it has formed small but capable armed forces and reformed the security services in order to meet NATO standards.

Montenegro’s entry into NATO, which is supported by both Republicans and Democrats, will contribute to its long-term stability, sovereignty and security as well as stability and security in Southeast Europe, according to US officials.

Montenegro’s membership would also show the credibility of NATO’s open door policy and clearly reject the idea that any third party has a de facto veto on NATO enlargement.

In the period of regional and international instability, support and strengthening the structure of the alliance that promote a common approach based on the rules and understanding are essential. Montenegro’s accession to NATO would be yet another important step in this effort, say former US officials, adding that therefore thy called on President Obama and the Congress to start the procedure for ratifying the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO soon, in order for the process to be completed by the end of 2016.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro