FOTO: Đukanović presented with Mostar Charter of Peace: Cooperation on the EU path

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Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović was presented with Mostar Charter of Peace on the occasion of opening reconstructed Old Bridge in Mostar yesterday. The Charter was signed by Prime Minister of BiH Denis Zvizdić.

Fena agency reports that Đukanović that the Charter is yet another step that affirms peace, multiethnic life, which are all the values that Montenegro is dedicated to.

“Every affirmation pleases me, especially the ones that promote cooperation with neighbours. Only good cooperation and stability and the region can take us forward to Europe. Montenegro is very dedicated and convinced that will will achieve everything in cooperation and that is why I am here today”, he added.

Zvizdić said that peace and stability are the two most important things and key conditions of economic, social and political development.

“Mostar remains a symbol of unity, togetherness and multiethnicity for our people. I am glad to send a message of peace from this city”, he said.

According to him, Đukanović’s visit is yet another confirmation of good relations between BiH and Montenegro.

“Cooperation of our two countries can be an example to the region and further. We are improving social, political and economic spheres and it means prosperity, creation and better life standard for our citizens”, Zvizdić said.

International awards for peace “Mostar Peace Connection” were given to former French president Jacques Chirac, European administrators Martin Garod, Hans Kosčnik and Rikardo Perez Kasado, former director of UNESCO Frederico Major and main prosecutor of Hague Serž Bramerc. Foreign and national politicians paid homage to the victims of war by throwing flowers of the bridge.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro