Freedom House: Montenegro "partly free country"

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A new report by Freedom House assessed Montenegro as a “partly free country”, although in the past report, it was evaluated as “free”.

A brief explanation says the status changed because of the “disturbed human freedoms, restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly”.

FH also mentions clashes between police and protesters during opposition protests, as well as the repeated delay of the Pride Parade.

Thus, Montenegro fell from last year’s 2.5 to 3.0 (best score is 1, and the worst 7).

Rating for human freedom has fallen from two to three, while political freedom still has last year’s grade – three.

The worst score – five – was given in the category of corruption.

Democracy in Serbia was rated at 3.75, in Croatia 3.68, 4.29 in Macedonia, and 2 in Slovenia.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro