French company Safran: We have nothing to do with IDs in Montenegro

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French company Safran responded to the questions of Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, saying that it has nothing to do with Montenegrin IDs or identification documents, neither in Montenegro nor in France.

A short statement was given from the company yesterday:

„Please keep in mind that Safran Identity & Security does not provide identification documents. We invite you to contact ministries of the states that regulate IDs for their citizens“.

This was the only response to the questions DN sent on Thursday, asking to respond about the manners in which their experts, who were in Montenegro, dealt with our IDs, what were their correct statements, who were the experts, what was the goal of their visit, who had invited them, do they know what do French IDs contain of biometric data, and do they serve as identification documents…

Judging by the response, French company does not want anything to do with Montenegrin IDs. DN will insist to get response to these questions, as the public is in wide speculation about the statements of these experts.

Safran company has definitely become a part of Montenegrin election campaign, as their statements became a source of speculation on legitimacy of our identification documents to be used in elections.

Audio recordings of the meetings between the French company and Ministry of Interior Affairs could shed some light on the speculations. In his letter to DIK, Minister Goran Danilović said that they make audio recordings of all the sessions of Coordinative body.

DN writes that it would be useful if MUP website would feature all the recordings, so the public could be aware of French statements.

This is the only way to stop the speculations on motives of French experts and the reasons they needed to be included in the analysis of Montenegrin identification documents, that they have nothing to do with, according to their own statement.

After their response, a question of the reason for their visit to Montenegro arises. The official announcement of their visit stated that the goal of MUP is to have its Coordinative body and citizens informed on the possibilities of AFIS system and guarantees it provides against the abuse on election spots. AFIS system would enable MUP to check whether there are more IDs issued for one individual.

This is the question that remains unanswered by either Safran or Danilović, at least not officially, which leaves the door open for further speculation.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro