From Istanbul for CdM: We mustn’t accept attacks as "normal"!

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Former capital city of Byzantine, Roman and Otoman empire goes back to normal today, in spite of yesterday’s bomb attack at one of the world’s most used airports – Istanbul’s Ataturk.

Citizen of Istanbul, twenty seven years old Gozde Orhan continued with her regular life in the only city in the world which lies at two continents. She went today, just like any other day, to public Istanbul University, where she works as a coordinator for students who learn foreign languages.

„Today everything seems normal. Airport is working again, people are going to work, stores are open… Of course, we’re still scared. We’re shocked by yesterday’s attack, but life must go on”, she said.

Considering that this is eleventh attack in Turkey in last twelve months, we asked Gozde if she’s surprised by the attacks or it has become a normal thing.

„Regardless of the fact that this is God knows which attack this year, we must never accept bomb attacks as “normal” No, this is not normal!”, she’s been very clear.

Gozde, who is a Muslim like majority of Turkish population, rejects with contempt all explanations of terrorist groups which always say after the attacks that they’re doing it in the name of the religion.

„This has nothing to do with Islam. Everyone needs to know that!”, she emphasized.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro