“Front will try to cause problem “

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Predsjednik Skupštine Ivan Brajović kazao je da su izjave Demokratskog fronta o građanskom ratu u Crnoj Gori krajnje neodgovorne, te očekuje da će poslanici tog političkog saveza pokušati da nekulturnim i vulgarnim ponašanjem izazovu problem, ali da će parlamentarna većina ostati imuna na to i uraditi svoj posao.

“The easiest way to respond to insult is with insult and to physical assault with physical assault. In this case, physical threats are a reflection of weakness and not strength,” Brajovic pointed out during the Radio Montenegro show “Responsible Response”.

He also said the state was there to prevent extreme behavior, as well as that he was surprised that the prosecution has not reacted to statements by some of the Front delegates yet.

The President of the Parliament stressed that the DF does not have the support that would provide them 18 deputies in the Parliament, as was the case in the last elections, and that this was “evident by the distribution of votes in the local elections”.

“We had inadequate scenes in the parliament, not just at the Administrative Committee meeting, much worse scenes were seen after the vote on depriving immunity to the DF deputies Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic. Marta Scepanovic was physically assaulted, and the Front said that it was a “disciplinary puck.`. I would like to see how would they feel if somebody had slapped them and called it a` disciplinary puck, ‘” Brajovic said, adding that no organization reacted to the incident, despite the fact that representatives of the Democratic Front were even insulting opponents on national basis.

He stressed that DF voters also saw that they could not achieve anything on the street, and that the protests against NATO membership gathered only a few hundred people.

He recalled the Parliament’s session scheduled for June 29, which will discuss, among other things, the removal of immunity of Nebojsa Medojevic.

“I see deprivation of immunity as the opportunity for a deputy to prove the innocence in the process, which I would have liked. They have requested solution to the attempted terrorist act from October 16, and when we want to get to it, we encounter obstructions by some opposition deputies,” Brajovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro