Fuel up 7 cents

From midnight, all types of fuel in Montenegro will go 7 cents up, as a result of the Government’s decision to include compensation for highway construction and financing of representative sport in petroleum products prices.

Regulation amendment came into force today, and accordingly, liter of ‘’eurosuper 98’’ will cost 1.31 euros in the next 15 days, while the price of ‘’eurosuper 95’’ will be 1.27 euros.

Euro diesel will cost 1.15 euros, fuel oil in wholesale 1.11 euros, and fuel oil for heating 83 cents. The last fuel price change was on March 24 when ‘’eurosuper 98’’ rose one cent.

Maximum retail prices of fuel in Montenegro are harmonized every other Monday depending on the changes in prices of petroleum products in the international market (Mediterranean Platt’s Ground) and currency between Euro and US dollar.

The following calculation, according to the Regulation on the method of maximum retail prices of petroleum products, is on May 4, and possibly modified values of petroleum products shall be valid from May 5.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro