Future generations will be proud of highway

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic congratulated the Municipality Day to Mayor of Mojkovac Dejan Medojevic, President of the Municipal Assembly Slavenka Blazevic, councilors of the Municipal Assembly and the citizens.

“While these days in municipalities across Montenegro we are celebrating the victory of anti-fascism as a movement based on the broadest democratic basis, at the same time we start the biggest infrastructure project in our country”, Djukanovic said in his greeting card.

The Prime Minister said that the high-way would contribute to the new famous deeds, based on the famous Montenegrin history, that will serve future generations for pride, but above all to bring overall prosperity.

“Economic progress and dynamic regional development will remain the focus of our joint action. MojkovacMunicipality has a real opportunity for development. I am convinced that we will jointly contribute to the quality of life of citizens of Mojkovac, and all citizens of Montenegro, following our progress towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration”, Djukanovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro