Galip: I have no information that ISIS camps exist in Montenegro

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If a majority of Montenegro is opposed to joining NATO, that means that the members of the Alliance have not explained the process very well. However, from my observations, the number of those who support NATO grows everyday. To support or not support NATO is a democratic right. Whether Montenegro as an independent country will join NATO, will be a decision of Montenegrin citizens and members of NATO, said Turkish ambassador in Montenegro Serhat Galip in an interview to DAN. He said that he does not have any information about ISIS camps existing on Montenegro’s territory.

“Due to current instability and conflicts that are lead in our neighboring countries, our country has been a target of a few terroristic attacks lately. These types of terroristic actions happen from time to time, in countries that belong to NATO and those that do not. Turkey has become a member of NATO in 1952, and its defense and security policies are made in cooperation with the Alliance. I do not think it is right to add meaning to membership in NATO, thinking that it will make all the troubles and problems go away. NATO is an instrument that enables people to live in a free, democratic and safe environment”, Galip said.

He underlined that the concept of collective defense of NATO is based on the principle of togetherness, meaning that if the integrity and sovereignty of one member country is at risk, all the members react together.

“On the other hand, NATO is an important platform when it comes to fighting terrorism in the world. The activities of the Alliance when it comes to fighting terrorism are focused on creating an awareness of threats, performing necessary preparations, giving the right answers and strengthening the cooperation with allied countries and international players. The goal of terrorism is to put pressure on all the people of the world, making no difference between their borders, nation and faith. Further measures that every country can take on an individual level are a guarantee of stability on a world stage and they give stronger and more efficient global cooperation. After 9/11, NATO said of these attacks that they were attacks against all the members of the Alliance, and it represented an important turn-around in the fight against terrorism”, Galip said.

Turkey believes that NATO is the most successful defense alliance in history and that its significance grows everyday.

“Due to the problems that one country can not deal with by itself, the world in which globalization is fast spread and where issues get a new dimension on a daily basis, I believe that the country who share the same idea must act together. We believe that there is an easier and more realistic method to overcome problems that we are facing everyday”, Galip said.

This why Turkey supports Montenegro’s membership in NATO.

“We also believe in democracy and human rights. If it is true, as you say, that a majority of people in Montenegro are against joining NATO, than it means that we have not explained it very well. However, from what I could gather, the number of supporters grows each day. To support or not support NATO is a democratic right.Podržavati kao i ne podržavati članstvo u NATO-u je demokratsko pravo. Whether Montenegro as an independent country will join NATO, will be a decision of Montenegrin citizens and members of NATO”, Galip said.

He underlined the fact that every since it has become independent, Montenegro steered itself towards West, and made reforms based on that direction.

“I believe that Montenegro has a fast and successful way of implementing integration with European institutions. On the road of integration, as a small and young country, it faced obstacles and wins. It makes me happy that it implemented generally important reforms and that it was determined on this road. Our country is always ready to assist Montenegro in the process of reforms and their implementations”, Galip said.

He made a comment on the information that there are regrutation centers for ISIS fighters in Montenegro.

“Daesh presents a general threat for peace and safety in the world, and in order to overcome it, we must act together. Unfortunately, many people go to fight with Daesh on their fronts. We know that some of them have come back, that some have died in Syria, and that some are still engaged in fights there. However, Id do not have any information that there are Deash camps in Montenegro. If there is such a thing, I believe that Montenegrin safety units will effectively intervene. I think that local and international cooperation is important in this matter, a coordination of information and intel”, Galip said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro