Galip: Turkey will be stronger and more stable after the coup

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Arresting of individuals involved in the coup attempt does not mean destabilization for Turkey, but on the contrary, it makes it more stable and democratic. I am convinced that our country will leave negative consequences of this experience behind and become stronger in the future, said ambassador of Turkey in Montenegro Serhat Galip.

The attempt of coup was terrorism, he believes.

“Our President, Prime Minister, MPs of Turkey got help from Turkish people and loyal institutions and faced the coup, winning over traitors. They defended the rule of law and stopped the attempt of terroristic organization of Fetulah Gulen. Democracy in our country survived a hit, but the strength of Turkish people has been proven yet again”, Galip said.

Situation in Turkey is now normalized. All the officials are in their work positions.

“Our institutions continue their work. After revealing members of the terroristic organizations, we are even more stable than before”, Galip said.

According to him, there are no problems in Turkey’s growth.

“Everyone involved will be punished in order to preserve democracy. Emergency state in Turkey will last for three months starting July 20th”, he added.

Capital punishment is requested by the citizens. They stepped out to defend democracy. The Parliament must take into consideration wishes of the people.

“But, we are aware of our international obligations and the time will show if this decision will pass. I believe in the righteousness of our Parliament”, he said.

He said that Turkey would continue to cooperate with friendly nations in the fight against terrorism.

“Last attempt of coup in our country cost 208 live. It is an act of terror. We expect the support of friendly nations in our fight with terrorism of Gulen, because it is not essentially different that ISIS or PKK and YPG. Their target is democracy, integrity and unity of our country. FETO is one of the most dangerous and damaging organizations in our country. They are not only danger to Turkey, but to all civilized world They will do anything to achieve their goals”, he said.

He disagrees with the attitude that Turkey’s NATO membership will be brought into question if it continues mass arrests.

“Our leadership stood by democracy and rule of law. Turkey and US are equals, allies and partners. President of US and Secretary General of NATO called our President and showed support for democratically chosen leadership. Those who endangered our integrity will answer for it”, Galip explained.

NATO unity and safety of allies must be protected.

“Measures taken in our country are in accordance with NATO goals”, he added.

The coup had a target of democracy as a universal value and as such should not be condoned. The perpetrators must face justice.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro