Garcevic: The stability provided by NATO will have a positive impact on the economic and business climate

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Ambassador Vesko Garcevic, practice of international relations at Boston University (BU), has recently been interviewed about the main motives that the government was driven to seek membership in NATO. Long-term stability that NATO membership provides has positive effects on the economic and business climate, said Garcevic.

Montenegro was invited to join NATO in May 2016, but Garcevic had previously been the ambassador of Montenegro to NATO.

NATO membership has been identified in Montenegro as one of the strategic goals. Garcevic explains what the main motives that led the government in this direction are.

“There are many reasons and they can be divided into three categories – security, economic and political reasons. The security benefit is obvious. Membership will help Montenegro to effectively deal with modern security challenges such as terrorism, international organised crime, cyber challenges and weapons proliferation. On the other hand, we have contributed to operations conducted by NATO since 2008; we are a member of the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and, in accordance with our capabilities, we actively participate in the activities of the coalition related to the exchange of information, particularly through the membership in the working group on the subject of foreign terrorists”, Garcevic said.

In general, he pointed out, long-term stability that NATO membership provides has positive effects on the economic and business climate.

“The experience of countries that have joined NATO in the last 20 years confirms that integration into the alliance and the EU stimulates dynamic economic activity. We should not forget the political aspect of this process. NATO is a security and military organisation, but it is also more than that – the alliance of countries that share democratic standards based on parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. The invitation is recognition that we have successfully fulfilled the criteria for membership in NATO”, Garcevic said.

We should not forget the regional aspect either.

“This will have a positive impact on stability in the volatile region. The stability of the Balkans means the stability of Europe and I hope that we have learned a lesson from the history of the events in Yugoslavia 20 years ago”; Garcevic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro