GDP higher for 37 million Euros



According to preliminary data, gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter amounted to 871 million Euros, which is 37 million Euros more than in the same quarter of the previous year, the director of MONSTAT, Gordana Radevic said.

At the press conference she said that in the second quarter of this year growth rate of the economy was 2.7 percent, which, as she added, indicating the growth of economic activity.

According to Radevic, the most significant contribution to the increase in GDP in the second quarter comes from the field of the construction, electricity, accommodation, and shops.

“According to the final results the GDP in 2015 was three billion and 625 million euros, which is about 170 million Euros of added value more in comparison to previous year,” Radevic said.

She added that tourism was the most influence factor regarding the growth of GDP in 2015.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro