Gegaj: Postponing the ratification is a bad message by Kosovo

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Member of the Board for international relations in Parliament of Montenegro and member of the Democratic party of socialists Nikola Gegaj thinks that the decision of the parliament of Kosovo to postpone the ratification of the Agreement on demarcation with Montenegro is a bad message by the official Pristina. Gegaj said that it is absolutely unacceptable to behave the way that Kosovo opposition does which had tried to illegally enter the territory of Montenegro, stating that they hurt the relations of the two countries.

“Postponing the Law on ratification in Kosovo parliament is a very bad message for citizens of Kosovo, the country of Kosovo and for Kosovo in terms of international community”, said Gegaj for Pobjeda and reminded that recently even president of the USA Barack Obama in a converstion with ambassador of Kosovo in USA Flora CItaku welcomed the Agreement on demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro.

The same position was stated by the EU and set is as the condition for liberalization of the visa regime.

“In all democratic countries the ways of expressing political and other opinions are different. The only condition is for them to be legal and to not endanger higher democratic values. These differences are famous in Montenegro when it comes to status of Kosovo as a country. Luckily, the effort has brought positive effects and the agreement on demarcation of the two countries which yet needs to be ratified in Pristina”, he added.

According to his words what’s not acceptable is the demonstration of the force of any political side on territory of any sovereign country which threatens its sovereigity and territorial integrity.

Montenegro and Pristina signed an Agreement on demarcation in August of last year in Vienna with president of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic, Kosovo prime minister Isa Mustafa and Austrian chief of diplomacy Sebastian Kurtz in attendance.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro