Generous offer of Djukanovic

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The agreement between the government and the opposition is a generous offer of the Montenegrin Prime Minister. It means that after the elections there can be no doubt about the validity of the elections. That is what rapporteur for Montenegro in the European Parliament, Charles Tannock said for TVCG

“Parliamentary elections will be organized soon. The agreement between the Government and the opposition is on the table and the way it was carried out can serve as an example. That is a generous offer. It means that elections will be held in a way that the opposition will not be able to claim later that the government has used state resources in the campaign. I think this is a wise move of Mr. Djukanovic and I am glad that the opposition will accept it. ” the European envoy said.

Commenting on a one point of the agreement, the stumbling rock to a final agreement, control of the Public Service, Tannock says that, by the standards of European legislation, with which Montenegro is being harmonized, political interference in the work of the state broadcaster, either government or opposition, is unacceptable.

“I personally think that the state broadcasters should be outside the direct control of the Government. I do not like the politicization of the state broadcaster. If this is the case, and I don’t want to single out Montenegrin Public Service, I think we should have a neutral body that will manage it, and the representatives should not be members of any political party, “he said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro