German War Cemetery does not serve war glorification purpose

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The war cemetery, where 64 German soldiers’ remains were buried, will be open on Saturday, the German Embassy in Podgorica announced, pointing out that it does not serve war glorification purpose, but it will rather be a reminder of the importance of peace and understanding.

As announced, the German War Cemetery will be opened as part of the Golubovci air force military base.

Embassy stated that the discussions launched by the project implementation showed that it was still difficult to deal with the legacy of Europe’s history, as well as wound the WWII opens today.

“The war, in which the people buried in this cemetery also participated, was directed against civilians with extreme cruelty and they suffered because of numerous war crimes”, the statement said.

As the embassy stated, the German War Graves Commission, which built the cemetery and takes care about 832 war cemeteries outside of Germany, is ​​aware of that fact.

“For that particular reason, the commission is making great efforts point out the fact that the cemetery does not serve war glorification purpose, but it will rather be a reminder of how important peace and understanding are. In the same time, no one wants to relativise Germany’s fault, nor tries to reinterpret European history”, the statement said.

Instead, according to the embassy, ​​the cemetery serves as a place of rest and learning about reconciliation.

“This message will also be underscored at the opening ceremony”, the embassy stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro