Germany’s experience for Montenegrin agriculture

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Cooperation between Montenegro and Germany in the field of agriculture in the past three years was on a much higher level, particularly when it comes to the institutions, but there is still room for improvement and the two sides will work intensively on it in the coming period, it was said at the meeting between the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petar Ivanovic, and the Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro, Gudrun Elisabeth Steinacker.

Ivanovic and Steinacker expressed their satisfaction with the friendly relations between Montenegro and Germany and with successful co-operation in the field of agriculture.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Agriculture, the two officials agreed that a great effort had been invested during the previous three years in the field of developing institutional ties between Montenegro and German regions.

Agreements on cooperation with Bavaria, Saarland and Baden Wittenberg have been signed, as well as with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). The agreements represent an excellent platform to further strengthen cooperation. In addition, an agreement with Lower Saxony has been harmonised and ready for signing. Based on the signed agreements, Montenegrin beekeepers visited Bavaria and farmers visited the Saarland.

Steinacker expressed readiness to contribute to the further strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in this field. The ambassador and the minister also discussed study visits and the effects of Montenegrin agricultural producers’ education. The German Ambassador expressed readiness to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in organising the next study visit to Germany.

Ivanovic pointed out the importance of cooperation between the ministry and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). The head of the Institute, professor Hensel has provided substantial assistance in designing the food safety system in Montenegro.

Steinacker handed the final communiqué of the Berlin Summit of Ministers of Agriculture and the 8th Global Forum on Food and Agriculture, which were held in January in Berlin as the most important events in agriculture on a global level. Minister Ivanovic attended the events and, among other meetings, he talked to German minister of agriculture Christian Schmidt.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro