Ghent: Soldiers demonstrated professionalism in Afghanistan

During the engagement in Afghanistan, Montenegrin soldiers have shown a high degree of competence, professionalism and responsibility, said the brigadier general in charge of training, Harold Ghent.

The Ministry of Defence has announced that the Chief of Staff of the Army of Montenegro, Dragan Samardzic, during the second day of visit to the Montenegrin contingent in the “Resolute Support”, spoke with Ghent, a commander of TAACN (Train Advise and Assist Command North).

“Mutual and total commitment to the implementation of the operational plan of the mission was expressed at the meeting expressed. Also, the challenges faced by the coalition forces on the ground were highlighted, while they also discussed the modalities of engagement of coalition forces in the process of improving the sustainability of Afghan security forces in the coming period”, according to a statement.

It was added in the statement that Ghent commended the involvement of members of the Army of Montenegro in the area of operations and stressed the high level of competence, professionalism and responsibility expressed by the contingent members during the engagement.

Ghent introduced to Samardzic the organization of forces of the “Resolute Support” mission and the planned dynamics of support to the ANSF in order to establish a sustainable stability in Afghanistan.

Samardzic gave insight to the general Ghent on plans to engage members of the Army of Montenegro in the mission “Resolute Support” in the future.

“The Chief of the General Staff also met with the commander of the first Croatian contingent in the “Resolute Support” mission, Colonel Slobodan Kratohfil and his associates. It was mutually agreed that high standards of engagement were set, based on respect for the rules of engagement, excellent interpersonal relations and positive atmosphere that prevails among members of the Montenegrin and Croatian contingent”, the statement said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro