Gjenero: Baresic’s monument an unfortunate act without justification

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Croatian political analyst, Davor Gjenero, evaluated for Pobjeda daily that the erection of the monument to Miro Baresic in Drage, municipality of Pakoštane, is an unfortunate act, which does not bring anything good to anyone.

He expressed the belief that “a stupid political decision at the local level will not affect the good relations between the two countries”, noting that he was sure the leadership of the HDZ and the SDP both believe so.

Barešić, whose monument was erected, was convicted of the murder of Yugoslav ambassador Vladimir Rolović in Sweden.

Everyone who belongs to the Liberal political field cannot justify the erection of a monument to anyone who, at any stage of life, used terrorist methods. However, this is not a message sent by the State at the national level. The monument was erected in one small municipality, which is a traditional stronghold of right-wing radicals. This was their political decision, Gjenero said.

He adds the monument is, however, a “big slap to the leadership of the HDZ, which is now trying to transform itself into a Europe-oriented, moderate Christian-Democratic Party, and whose two high-ranking officials were present at the unfortunate act of opening of this monument”.

“This is what gives this monument national significance and importance”, explains Gjenero, adding it is a shame that people who do such things are not thinking about the consequences.

Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a protest note to the Croatian Embassy in Podgorica due to the erection of the monument.

Gjenero points out that in Croatian dominant policy, when it comes to both left and right wings, nobody thinks of any tightening of relations with Montenegro.

“I believe the whole democratic Croatia fully understands that Montenegro had to react in this way in this situation because the victim was its citizen”, he said.

Commenting on the assessment of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Nebojsa Stefanovic, that events in Croatia are reminiscent of the “resurrection of the Ustasha movement”, Gjenero says it is a ridiculous and completely unfounded statement.

When it comes to relations between Croatian and Montenegro, whoever is in power in Croatia will lead the same policy of support to Euro-Atlantic integration, concluded Gjenero adding that the monument will not affect Croatian ratification of Montenegro’s accession protocol for NATO membership due this fall.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro