Good governance is possible with a strong parliament

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic received today Paul Gaskell, Acting Director of the Directorate for the Western Balkans and Enlargement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain.

Krivokapic and Gaskell emphasized good bilateral relations between Montenegro and Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, at all levels.

On this occasion, Krivokapic pointed out that the Montenegrin Parliament is committed to building and strengthening its full capacity, particularly in the area of monitoring and control.

“Good governance and government is only possible with a strong Parliament. British parliamentary tradition is very important to Montenegro as a landmark and a benchmark for full monitoring and control role over executive governance. In this light, we will look for ways and models of closer cooperation between the two parliaments through the exchange of experience and knowledge, with the aim of acquiring new skills for MPs in respect of the rule of law and the fight against corruption and similar deviations”, said Krivokapic.

On the other hand, Gaskell estimated that efforts and progress of Montenegro in Euro-path the Atlantic are visible.

He said that Great Britain has the role of friend and partner of Montenegro on its integration path, and that we can count on the British capacity that would constitute an advisory and technical support to the process of strengthening the rule of law as the basic obligation on the EU and NATO path.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro