Good start of the season: Stay smart and keep prices normal

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Hotels on Montenegrin coast currently have even 100% capacities filled. During Easter and May 1st holidays, that are symbolic openers for the new touristic season, a good level of visit from both national and international tourists was marked. Many Montenegrin hotels had special arrangements with affordable prices that attracted the guests.

Director of Montenegrin Tourist Association Žarko Radulović told Pobjeda that all hotels in the coast are currently well visited.

“We had successful holidays. No traffic problems either. In some other countries, when the roads are built, there are construction stops and similar”, said Radulović.

He sees a problem in taxi drivers that steal from guests.

“Taxi drivers are our greatest danger. Two days ago, it happened that three guests from Hotel Splendid paid taxi car from Budva to Splendid 20 EUR. They will never come back to Montenegro again. Taxi drivers simply do not understand that this manner will lead to having no guests at all. This problem is escalating”, Radulović said.

He believes we will have a good visit from tourists during season, which we can deduce from arranged flights. On average, for example, there are 84 flights weekly from Moscow to Tivat in the next 3, 4 months.

“We are ready to welcome guests, and we will be smart and keep prices normal. We must improve our services and ask help with taxi services in coastal cities”, Radulović said.

Hotel Queen of Montenegro was also pleased with visit during the holidays. Currently they are at 99% full capacity, said the Director Marina Gardašević.

“Our capacities are filled, there are people from Austria, Germany, Singapore. Regional guests arrived on affordable packages prepared especially for this time”, Gardašević said.

She said that April guests had only one complain, with traffic from Bečići to Budva.

“There is a lot of interest for the following period, and post season as well. A lot of reservations from guests from Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria and France”, Gardašević said.

Hotels in Porto Montenegro mark capacities filled these days. PR Danilo Kalezić expects a very successful season.

“Porto Montenegro welcomes even the biggest yachts in the world, up to 250 meters, and Tivat Marina is leader in superyachting. This year’s strategy is to be presented in United Arab Emirates and it is a great opportunity to present new project: residential-hotel facility Regent Hotel Residences”, Kalezić said.

According to their calendar, Porto Montenegro will be a favorite this summer for nautical clientele as well as world’s jet set.

“After the second phase of marina has been built, Porto Montenegro can accept even the biggest yachts in the world. Leading air transportation company in Britain has flights Manchester – Tivat and London – Tivat, twice a week. They expect to have at least 15.000 travelers this summer, to and from Tivat. FLights from Britain influenced the structure of guests in April, and May and June look very optimistic”, Kalezić said.

Hotels on the coast of Herceg Novi are also pleased this year. Hotel Lighthouse marks capacities filled at 60%, said the Director Jovan Vukalović. By the end of the month, they will be at full capacity.

“The structure of guests is composed of participators in NTC Festival of Wine and Gastronomy and Bulgarian nationals. By the beginning of June, the hotel will we completely full, and it will go on by the end of September”, Vukalović said.

There are a lot of guests from Russia, as well as sportsmen from Finland and Australia. Traditionally, there are a lot of guests from Serbia and BiH.

“Hotel worked over the winter this year as well, and this winter has been better in terms of visits”, Vukalović said.

“When it comes to postseason, already we have projects planned for the European market in collaboration with German, Bulgarian and Turkish agencies”, Vukalović said.

HTP Korali is also optimistic about the new season. President of Board of Directors Balša Čavlović said to Pobjeda that the plan for the following season is 64.436 nights spent, which is 14% more than last year.

“We have 312 renovated accommodation units to use this season, 700 beds. First children visits are announced for May. Last is for October. Aside from Czech and Slovak market, we also opened markets of Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland and Russia”, Čavlović said.

Hotel Group Budva Riviera marks an increase during May and this company is currently servicing 600 guests from different markets. Director of marketing Sanela Kahrović said to Pobjeda that May is defined as most dynamic when it comes to selling summer arrangements.

“Based on current bookings, it is clear that this May will be better than the last. Tourist village Slovenska plaža in Budva and Hotel Palas in Petrovac currently have very affordable prices. We have very optimistic view on this year’s season, although we can not guess what will happen”, Kahrović said.

Hotel company Ulcinj Riviera also expects a very successful season. The Director Radomir Mikan Zec said that they are at 30% capacities filled now, and they expect this number to increase by May 20th.

“According to our bookings, the season will last until the end of October. There are Germans in Ada Bojana, and Russians and national tourists in other hotels”, Zec said.

There are no infrastructural problems in Ulcinj, and the choice of new director of Utility Company Mehmed Zenka makes the look and feel of the city much better.

“Ulcinj is now cleaner, better looking. This service made an effort to make everything presentable at the beginning of season, by cleaning, planting flowers, decorating main infrastructural objects in the city”, Zec said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro