Gottemoeller: Continue investigation into the terrorist plot, this is a serious matter

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NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller said she was glad because an investigation into the attempted terrorist attacks in Montenegro on election day on 16 October had been launched. After visiting international field exercise “Montenegro 2016”, Gottemoeller refused to comment on the ongoing process, but said that the investigation should continue.

“I would not comment on a launched investigation, but this is a very serious matter. I am glad because the investigation has been launched and it is very important that the state authorities reacted promptly, both in Montenegro and in Serbia. The investigation should continue”, Gottemoeller said.

Asked whether the events of 16 October would accelerate Montenegro’s accession to NATO, she said:

“Montenegro’s accession to NATO would be formalised soon. There is no need to accelerate the process that runs well. This situation will not affect the country’s accession to the alliance. I expect that Montenegro will become new NATO member state by the spring 2017.”

NATO Deputy Secretary General paid her first official visit to Montenegro.

She met Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and Defence Minister Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro